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Abhinay Rana
CAT 99.94 %ile
“The way they analyse GDs is fantabulous. The faculties analyse all the points made by every student during a GD and then ask them to correct things right in the next GD. I would advise each student to once attend their GD for sure.”
CAT 98.95 %ile
“The personal attention given towards me was the major factor for my success. Their profile building sessions and leadership development programme were just like the icing on the cake.”
Gaurav Sharma
CAT 99.95 %ile
“Their PI form and its whole process is unmatched. I am sure, this PI form is going to be useful for me even after I am done with my MBA. Their analysis of each answer I gave during the mock PI and what the correct answer must have been helped me improve immensely. “
Divyansh Chand Bansal
CAT 99.97 %ile
“I always thought they were treating only me a little specially. Then I realized, they are putting in equal efforts for almost all the students. They are ready to answer your call even during odd hours and the way they encourage students to push a little more to achieve the desired goal is really cool. “